The new line of
COVID-19 flacons

Plastivalle has started a production of plastic flacons with the required characteristics and conformity to contain disinfectant products.

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Production and moulding of plastic containers

moulding of plastic items and accessories.

Since 1968, Plastivalle, has been transforming plastic into flacons, jars, bottles and jerry cans in various shapes and sizes along with their various accessories using an industrial process known as, “blow moulding”. Our products are designed mainly for the following sectors: pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, agricultural, chemical, automotive e cleaning.
The company’s main production site is located in San Pietro Mussolino (Vicenza). Plastivalle, in addition to the blow moulding of raw materials for the production of various containers, also designs and produces the mouldings within the company internally. The main raw materials for production, procured from key, specialised, international markets are; PEHD, PELD, PVC, PETG, PP and PET.

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Plastic flacons, jars and jerry cans for diverse application areas

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Plastivalle Spa
chooses recycled plastic

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Transformation of the plastic:
everything originates from ideas.

At Plastivalle, work begins with the customer. In order to produce containers, jars and jerry cans in plastic, it is necessary to start with a simple draft and thus from its desig. The whole process is monitored by specialist technicians until the industrialisation of the finished product, taking care of assembly and delivery. The company’s staff always offers the best solutions based on the specific nature of the final product.

Products can be customised within Plastivalle internally via screen printing using cutting-edge machinery, heat printing for particular applications as well as classic labelling.

plastivalle 50 years of experience

Story of the company’s development
told in numbers and results.

Over 50 years’ experience, more than 60 employees, over 150 product types (from small millilitre flacons up to 25 litre jerry cans), more than 70 million items produced in a year. These are the company’s numbers which are experiencing continual growth to satisfy customers’ requirements, improving quality whilst respecting to the environment.

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