Plastic jerry cans and flacons for the automotive sectorAutomotive sector

Production of plastic containers for the automotive sector

For the automotive sector, Plastivalle produces jerry cans and flacons that respect the ADR regulation. It is also possible to combine pouring spouts, taps and other accessories with various containers for ease of use.

Jerry cans and flacons for the automotive sector Jerry cans and flacons for the automotive sector

Our technical office: from the original concept to its first realisation.

In the technical office, Plastivalle’s experts begin the design stage with the implementation of the customer’s idea. The company is in constant collaboration with the customer to find the best solutions in accordance with their requirements.
Shape and size of the containers as well as the coloration and various customisations are created and executed by specialists in the relevant departments and laboratories.

Construction of mouldings and blow moulding of the plastic: materialisation of the project.

Plastivalle also produces the mouldings where the blow moulding of the plastic and the flacons and jerry cans take shape. Specialist operators and technical experts work with the latest generation equipment within the company for cutting-edge production that guarantees not only the quality of the product but also the protection of the environment according to the strictest manufacturing protocols.

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Recycling of plastic and respect for the environment.

Plastivalle is a company that aims to reduce energy consumption, waste and pollution in respect of the most rigorous principles and national and international environmental regulations. The company promotes recycling: the communication of all information to the customer is guaranteed so that each plastic container recycled is not disposed of into the environment.

Jerry cans with recycled material Jerry cans with recycled material

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