Plastic containers for the chemical sector. Chemical sector

Plastic containers
for the chemical sector.

Resistance and compatibility.

For the chemical sector, Plastivalle primarily produces large containers such as jerry cans but also flacons and jars.
When requested by the customer, the material is tested for resistance and compatibility.
To test contained substances, the company provides samples so specific tests can be carried out.

Containers for chemicals Containers for chemicals
Cap grip control

Everything is monitored.

Plastivalle also verifies the weight of every article and also includes specific caps with deliveries when necessary in order to avoid incidents such as implosions or explosions of containers caused by the gas contained in the substances.

Plastic jerry cans, flacons and jars are certified for the transport of hazardous goods in accordance with regulation UN/AD.

Plastic containers with reinforced walls

Specific characteristics to guarantee safety and practicality.

Reinforced walls are also a requirement for plastic containers destined for the chemical sector so that they can be stacked without risk of breakage during storage or transport. This is but one example among the various customisations that customers require: Plastivalle is committed to providing items complete with all the characteristics necessary for all the different uses for which they are designed.

Choose the type of plastic container of your interest

Screen-printed bottles and containers Screen-printed bottles and containers

Customised plastic containers.

Every container can be customised with various finishes such as screen printing and heat stamping or with coloured labelling. The customisation of plastic jerry cans, jars and flacons is performed within the company internally in the specific departments and is carried out by specialist staff.

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