Plastic containers for the cleaning sectorCleaning sector

Plastic jerry cans and flacons
for the cleaning sector.

For the cleaning sector, Plastivalle supplies plastic containers in various shapes and sizes, complete with various accessories, such as sprayers, dispensers and caps of various types and others. Plastivalle also produces customised plastic items for its customers in line with marketing specifications thus aiding the customers’ businesses.

Bottles and flacons for cleaning agents Bottles and flacons for cleaning agents

Choosing Plastivalle means design to delivery

At Plastivalle, internal offices and departments also deal with the design of the containers, the construction of mouldings, blow moulding as well as finishes such as screen printing and heat stamping.
The company takes care of quality control, assembly and also delivery when required.

Plastic containers for the cleaning sector

Products for the cleaning sector.

Intended for the cleaning industry, these plastic flacons and jerry cans are designed to contain soaps, cleaning agents, degreasers, cleansers and other substances for small or large-scale distribution.

Impact-resistant flacons

Why choose plastic?

There are numerous advantages of using plastic for the production of containers and accessories for both the cleaning sector and other sectors. Above all else, plastic is affordable as a raw material and it’s light as well as versatile. Moreover, plastic materials have high resistance strength, a characteristic that is very useful, especially during transport and storage.

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Recyclable plastic

Processing plastic guarantees reduced energy consumption. Plastivalle considers the fact that plastic is a completely recyclable material very important and has always been a strong advocate of this characteristic. A further advantage that affects our daily lives: plastic packaging makes it easier to carry our groceries home.

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