Plastic containers for the food sectorFood sector

Plastic containers
for the food industry.

At Plastivalle, we also produce plastic flacons, jerry cans and jars for the food sector. Included in the packaging that Plastivalle offers to its customers is the internal bag that is sealed to avoid contamination of the product during transport. The foodstuffs for which plastic containers are often required are; oil, vinegar, sorbets, concentrated juice, syrups and others.

Bottles and flacons for food Bottles and flacons for food

Plastics designed for food.

For the production of plastic containers for food, we use:

polyethylene terephthalate

PET (polyethylene terephthalate), mainly used for the production of single-use, transparent bottles and containers that contain water, drinks and cold foods;

high- and low-density polyethylene

HDPE/LDPE (or PE, high- and low-density polyethylene), a non-transparent plastic for food, safe and strong with which yoghurt pots and containers for milk are produced;


PP (polypropylene).


Plastic packaging for food: standard and customised.

Plastivalle produces products for the food industry in an environment that complies with food packaging regulations.
Included in the wide range of plastic containers on offer are customised flacons, jars and jerry cans with shapes, colours and finishes (such as screen printing and heat printing) that respect customer requirements and their corporate marketing needs.

Safety and practicality are guaranteed by a first-class control system.

or the production of plastic containers which come into contact with foodstuffs, high quality raw materials are used. The integrity of the products and their preservation during marketing is thus guaranteed. The plastic used, as well as the production process are therefore always controlled and verified by internal expert staff.
Standard or custom-designed in the technical office, plastic flacons, jerry cans and jars for food are subject to continual checks also with regard to ergonomics and practicality of use.

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