Plastica Seconda Vita Certification: PSV

Plastivalle Spa chooses recycled plastic

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The choice that changes your life:
let’s give a second chance to plastic!

Pollution from plastic is a very important topic for Plastivalle. This is why 100% recyclable materials are used to produce flacons, jars and jerry cans supporting the use of recycled polymers coming from recycled plastic materials, from separate waste collection and/or from industrial waste. Recycling plastic waste leads to considerable environmental benefits, especially from a climatic perspective.

When to use
recycled plastic products.

Recycled plastic flacons can be used in all sectors that do not require direct contact with food products.

It is well known how the monitoring of the certified recycling process is very strict for all the countries of the European Union, even if it does not ensure the absolute absence of contamination from chemical substances assimilated during use. For this reason, post-consumer products are not indicated to contain food or other similar products. It is possible to vary the use percentages of recycled products: starting from 30%, and in some cases reaching even a 100% compound.

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What Plastica Seconda Vita means

Plastivalle is a transformer partner of the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastic (IPPR), an institution that provides the PSV certificate to companies that produce using recycled plastic.

  • The PSV (Plastic Second Life) mark is an environmental product certification system, dedicated to materials and products manufactured by valorising plastic waste;
  • It is the first Italian and European mark dedicated to recycled plastic;
  • It introduces the concept of quality in recycled plastic;
  • It introduces the concept of the traceability of recycled materials;
  • It refers to the percentages of recycled materials reported in the circular dated 4 August 2004, implementing Ministerial Decree 203/2003 on Green Public Procurement, and to the UNI EN ISO 14021 standard.
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Plastivalle advice

Plastivalle firmly believes that the first step to being able to solve the issue of plastic pollution is to reuse what is already in circulation.

We have made the first step. What about you?

Plastic that ends up in rivers, and consequently in seas, creating enormous damage, is entirely that which is dispersed in the environment, following the irresponsible, if not criminal behaviour of certain people. Therefore, if you want to allow us to recycle it correctly, throw it in the special separate waste collection containers.

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