Plastic containers for the cosmetics sectorCosmetics sector

Plastic containers
for the cosmetics industry.

For the production of jars, jerry cans and flacons intended for the cosmetics sector, particular attention is paid to the quality of the items, especially aesthetically: the surface must be smooth and solid and the coloration perfect.
Plastivalle uses PET, HDPE, LDPE and PP. The plastic pots which often contain creams and powders are produced in PP and HDPE and PETG.

Jars and flacons for cosmetics Jars and flacons for cosmetics

Research and innovation of packaging.

Plastivalle conducts continual research into innovation to produce products that attract consumers’ attention. Some examples of finishes include the master pearl and the soft touch as regards the surfaces of cosmetics containers. New finishes are worked out and produced so that customers can choose among a wide range of offers.
Plastivalle supplies plastic flacons, jerry cans and jars for cosmetics also with customised caps, dispensers and other accessories requested by the customers.

Specific finishes for plastic bottles and flacons
Cosmetics packaging

Containers for cosmetics: the eye wants to play its part too.

Plastivalle produces containers of varying shapes and sizes, made to size and customised in order to meet customers’ marketing and sales demands.
The customisation of packaging occurs through the coloration of the plastic and various technologies available in the company’s departments such as heat printing and screen printing.

Markers on the containers: a useful detail.

With our machines, Plastivalle produces the stripe view, a transparent band with measurement markers, made on the containers so that the end customer can see the quantity of the product in the container.

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