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Plastic comes back to life with Plastivalle

The focus on an eco-friendly production and the use of materials and production methods that are ideal for safeguarding the environment, have always been of primary importance for Plastivalle. Interest, sacrifices, and constant research and development are often insufficient, and, in order to aim at a radical change, it is necessary to opt for information-based communication.
Plastic is often a topic of discussion and hardly excluded from debates focused on pollution and respect for the environment. However, we tend to forget how companies like Plastivalle process plastic carefully and in an innovative way, but that such actions are frequently made void by human behaviour that lacks common sense and that can threaten the health of our Planet. Recycling is a life changing choice.
And this is the message Plastivalle wants to share: knowing how to recycle means respecting the environment and giving a second life to plastic. You could be the one to make the first move!
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Servobottle 8: automated screen printing system

Plastivalle invested in the purchase of an automated screen-printing system in May 2020. The solution was introduced with the desire to offer an optional accessory to the customer and make their product unique. It is an innovative solution that is compliant with Industry 4.0 thanks to the latest generation software that optimises the entire production.

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Plastivalle achieves the PSV mark

The Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastic (IPPR) gave the Vicenza company the Plastica Seconda Vita (PSV).
A goal that confirms the commitment that Plastivalle has always given to the delicate matter of pollution.
The IPPR is the advocate for an increasing corporate culture, focused on distributing ecological plastic products. The certification assigned by the Institute is a symbol of quality and sets forth a dialogue among businesses that share the focus on the recycling doctrine

Find out more about recycled plastic: link news Plastica seconda vita

February 2019 - New Plastivalle website is Online

We have published the website making it responsive design.

Plastivalle renew the image of the website with a new innovative design and new sections more specifics and complete!

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Plastic flacons, jars and jerry cans for diverse application areas

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