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Research and development for eco-sustainability

Research and development.

Plastivalle‘s objective is an increasingly eco-friendly production in the interest of safeguarding the environment and aligning the company with updated eco-sustainability regulations as well as encouraging our customers to recycle, to reclaim plastic in order to avoid waste and pollution.
Furthermore, continual research within the company enables us to identify production materials and methodologies that are increasingly oriented around the protection of the environment.

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Plastivalle Spa
chooses recycled plastic

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Plastic of the future.

In addition to those deriving from petrol, Plastivalle has tested and inserted materials that come from natural, renewable and eco-sustainable sources such as soya, maize, sugar cane as well as recycled material originating from post-consumption.

Plastic recycling Plastic recycling
screen printing

Why choose screen printing?

Screen printing has higher aesthetic quality and is less polluting in comparison with other finishes: the screen-printed containers are easier to recycle because customisation is compatible with plastic.

Plastivalle’s production orientation is, in fact, to remove paper labels and promote screen printing in order to simplify recycling.

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Plastivalle has converted the majority of its own hydraulic machinery into completely electric machinery resulting in energy saving, noise reduction and a decrease in eventual dispersion of contaminating agents.
Plastivalle produces its own electrical energy with a high-efficiency photovoltaic system. With the intention of creating an optimum working environment for its own employees, Plastivalle is producing an air conditioning system for the entire production area.

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Plastivalle’s certifications:
guaranteed quality.

The company has been ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.
Plastivalle is also subjected to an annual redevelopment of the Clean Room which complies with ISO 8 environmental class standards.
Compliance with the MOCA regulations (Materials and Objects that are in contact with food) distinguishes the attention that is used during the production cycle.
Plastivalle is in possession of the Approvals for some items intended for the transport of dangerous materials (ADR).

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