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Located in Pietro Mussolino, in the province of Vicenza, Plastivalle specialises in plastic processing, using the blow moulding process for the production of flacons, jars, bottles, jerry cans and accessories designed for various sectors such as;

The Vicenza company can offer numerous other services in addition to the variety of products cited: design and realisation of mouldings within the company internally with the latest generation technology, customisation of packaging with screen printing, heat printing and labelling. The materials used for production are; PEHD, PELD, PVC, PETG, PP and PET.

50 years of history

la storia di Plastivalle Since 1968 till today

The company was born in 1968 thanks to a notable, local industrialist. The company originally produced plastic hangers for the large textile companies in the region at the time (among the most significant were Marzotto and Lanerossi).
In the 70s, following the inexorable decline of the textile industry, the company underwent a complete transformation, entering a specific niche of plastic processing: blow moulding.

A dynamic company that is always prepared to adapt to the improvements that bring about innovation. From the 70s, Plastivalle began specialising in the container sector for the cleaning industry.
Since 1990, Plastivalle has dedicated itself to serving new sectors in which a higher level of quality is required: cosmetics, pharmaceutical, agricultural, food, automotive and chemical industries. Furthermore, to complete the range of products on offer, it produces any type of container according to customers’ specifications and requirements.

reparti The different departments.

Technical office

A technical office manages the product from the initial concept up until the realisation of the moulding.

Mechanical office

The internal mechanical office, equipped with cutting-edge, numerically controlled machinery and a staff of specialist technicians, takes care of the construction of mouldings.
All the machinery within the company is continually checked and verified by a team of specialist mechanics responsible for maintenance and setup.

Screen printing department

In the screen-printing department, decorations are made on our articles. Custom graphics upon specific requests up to 6 colours.


The quality level of the final product is guaranteed by an internal laboratory that, with the assistance of the specialist staff, conducts all the required tests among which are: seal, bottle-cap coupling, mechanical resistance, colour verification, sample conformity, prototyping, material-content compatibility tests and others.
Every product delivered to customers is certified.


For sensitive processing, particularly for the pharmaceutical sector, Plastivalle avails of its on-site cleanroom, certified in accordance with ISO regulations, where production is carried out in a sterile environment.

Production/blow moulding department

The production/blow moulding department is equipped with the best machines the market has to offer: MAGIC, MECCANOPLASTICA and KAUTEX.

icon Health and safety at work.

Health and safety at work.

Plastivalle has always afforded particular care and attention to the health and safety of its workers, following and respecting all regulations.

icon servizio di consegna

Other services for customers.

Plastivalle has 5 warehouses for goods in order to relieve the customer of the problem of insufficient space for packaging.
Plastivalle is also particularly competitive regarding delivery times.
The transport of goods from the company’s warehouses to the final destination is carried out using our own high capacity means or with sole hauliers.

Plastivalle transport Plastivalle transport

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